Oetiker PEXGrip System

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Genuine PEXGrip® Ear Clamps

Genuine Oetiker Tools Recommended for closing Oetiker® PEXGrip®


3-Handle Ratchet Pincer

Crimps all Oetiker PEX clamps from 3/8” to 1”.

Oetiker HIP 7000 | 280
Item no. 14100280

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Clamp Cutter

For safe, easy cutting and removal of Oetiker PEX clamps.

Oetiker HCC 2000 | 502
Item no. 14100502

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Hand Tubing Cutter

Super-sharp blade quickly and easily cuts PEX and other polymer tubing up to 7/8” OD.

Oetiker HTC 500 | 408
Item no. 14100408

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Radial Hand Tubing Cutter

Cuts 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” PEX tubing, also cuts plastic conduit and gas pipe.

Oetiker HTC 500 | 418
Item no. 14100418

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