Clamps, Rings, Straps and Quick Connectors
for mission-critical applications

  • Oetiker Group.

    A global leader.

    Oetiker is a global leader in high-end connecting solutions for the vehicle industry and for high-value applications in industrial segments. Our experts in high-quality clamps, rings, straps and quick connectors ranges from powertrain and drivetrain applications to medical applications. Operating in more than 25 countries and over 75 years.

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  • New Developments in Reliable Connections


    • 20.03.2020

      Response to COVID-19

    • 16.12.2019

      Oetiker InnoLab - Transforming the way we work

    • 31.10.2019

      Yokohama Finds Success with an Aluminum Quick Connect

    • 14.10.2019

      New Apprentices Team Building

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