Cooling & Heating Systems

Technological change, as well as increasing requirements with regard to thermal management systems, are drivers for Oetiker’s new developments within Cooling and Heating applications.

We offer reliable hose clamps products for applications such as coolant, engine oil, transmission oil and refrigerant.

Our high strength quick connectors are suitable for all types of fluid line connections in engine oil cooling (EOC) and transmission oil cooling (TOC), including auxiliary coolers, inter-coolers, combi-coolers and radiators.



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Clamps & Rings

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    StepLess® Ear Clamps - Next Generation - 123 & 193

  • Details

    StepLess® Low Profile Clamp 192

  • Details

    StepLess® Screw Clamp 178

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    Worm Drive Clamps 126 & 177

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    Multi Crimp Ring Spirally Welded 150 – Stainless Steel

OEM Quick Connectors

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  • Quick Connector 210 Aluminum Details

    Quick Connector 210 Aluminum

  • Quick Connector 201 Steel Details

    Quick Connector 201 Steel

  • Quick Connector 200 Length Opimized Details

    Quick Connector 200 Length-optimized range

  • Quick Connector 200 Thread Opimized Details

    Quick Connector 200 Thread-optimized range