NEW WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270: Extended Clamping Range. Superior Assembly.

In close cooperation with key Occupant Safety Systems customers, we are pleased to announce the WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270 as the newest product in our portfolio of Occupant Safety Systems solutions.

This product is especially designed for today’s stringent requirements within the fixation of curtain airbag applications. The low profile design of the WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270 is ideal to fit compact spaces. Strong holding forces enable the clamp to withstand high stress and intense pressure surges. The strap provides an extended diameter range to fit various application diameters and irregular shapes.

The WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270 is assembled with our new Oetiker FAST 3000 electromechanical assembly tool. The quick and reliable Oetiker FAST 3000 includes our AdvantEdge® closing mechanism which ensures a closure without harming the underlying materials or leaving debris. By using this tool, full process monitoring is available, including 100% data recording.

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