Connection Verification Aid 133

  • - Vibratory haptic provides verified connection feedback to operator
  • - Device validated for PG 201 / 210 Oetiker quick connectors
  • - Low application force
  • - Ease of use
  • - Can communicate with PLC interface
  • - Reliable and secure connection guarantee
  • - Attributes to FMEA risk reduction
  • - Eliminates secondary verification operations
  • - Recordability (warranty and traceability)
  • Connection Verification Aid 133Connection Verification Aid 133



    Featuring Oetiker QuickSense® technology, the Connection Verification Aid (CVA) provides tube to quick connector connection verification in a space-efficient manner to be integrated in final vehicle assembly. The CVA confirms a proper tube to quick connector connection via haptic feedback to the operator and an electronic signal to a PLC connected control box, while being compact and ergonomically designed.

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      Connection Verification Aid

      Technische Daten

      Connection Verification Aid Instruction Manual


      Quick Connectors Assembly Instructions

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