Coolant & Fluid Hose Connections

Oetiker engineering is keeping pace with high-demand thermal management requirements. We offer application specific solutions for an increasing number of connections, all delivering superior sealing integrity and assembly efficiency. 

Coolant Hoses:
Hose assemblies utilizing T-connections and Quick-Connects are well-suited for using Oetiker’s products. The high radial load and uniform compression of the Multi Crimp Ring provides robust, leak-free connections. 

Radiator Hoses:
Large diameter coolant connections are subject to thermal cycling and increasing pressures. Our Self-Tensioning StepLess® Screw Clamps maintain constant tension throughout extremely low to very high temperatures. This product is designed for advanced sealing hose technologies, particularly silicon hose, subject to constant pressure under thermal cycling.

Fuel, DEF and Oil Lines:
For small-diameter hoses, stainless steel StepLess® Ear Clamps ensure a vibration-resistant seal with superior reliability and excellent corrosion resistance. Ear design quickly pinches for fast installation.



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    Multi Crimp Ring Spirally Welded 150 – Stainless Steel